Strategy and Structure

The best market approach is something we do not think we need to teach you.
Based on our thorough knowledge of the market of our customer relations
however we do have some ideas we would like to share with you.

Tax authorities, social partners and parties such as banks and insurance companies ask for a different approach. You may be their client, but not always by choice. Emotion and sometimes even aggression may have a negative impact on the outcome of your client relationship with these  parties.
Your communication with these parties requires a conscious and careful approach with a clear strategy that matches your company’s needs. We can develop such a strategy for and with you and if you wish we can implement it for you.

Your company obviously has structure, but are you sure that structure is still optimized for the company’s size and activities? And is that company’s functional structure also optimized for legal, tax and compliance issues?
Finally, are theoretical structures in your company applied in a way that people can -at least- work and live with them?
We would be pleased to develop a structure for your company in a way that fits all requirements, and if you wish we’ll assist you implementing it.

So if you need a sparring partner, a clear advice or just a helping hand:
Tax us!

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