Local Taxes and Valuation of Immovable Property (WOZ)

Municipalities,  provinces and  Government Authorities protecting
waterways also  levy taxes.

Property tax is  probably the most familiar local tax, but for sure not the only local
tax. Tourist tax,  commuter tax,  advertising tax, public space tax, sewer tax, parking fees, communal fees , including building and other permit fees , are other common levies, and there are more.

Some taxes are without any question considered fixed costs or  levied, such as environmental taxes or communal fees  and are not usually seen  as a too highly imposed tax assessment.

These taxes are being levied on the basis of local tax legislation. Legislation that every local government develops by itself. These legislations should meet standards, set by the central government, but often don’t.  

Government and local taxation is often based on a valuation of real estate. The value is set in a so called ‘WOZ’ decree. Statutory valuation rules are defined in laws. The outcome is a value that may differ upwards or downwards from your own estimation.  As the value is used as basis for many taxes we think the WOZ value of your property deserves special attention.

Can you find your way in the labyrinth of local tax legislation? We can: Tax us!

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