Taxus Advies Groep Tax us!

As entrepreneur, principal shareholder, CFO, head of finance or in house counsel you are, of course, a jack of all trades. Sometimes, although,  effectiveness and efficiency can be improved by contacting specialists.
Our consultants support leading companies both in and outside the Netherlands.

We advise on the optimization of Taxes. Our lawyers represent clients in cases against the IRS, Municipalities and other authorities. We support acquisitions as well as communication with governmental authorities and financial parties.
And last (but not least) projects can be implemented with the assistance of our consultants.  No matter how brilliant a decision is, it may reach a deadlock by  a deficiency in implementation.

Do what you’re good at,  engage us  in what we are good at! 

Taxus Advies Groep has four disciplines:

  • Taxus Strategy and Structuring
    supports  entrepreneurs, more>>

Company profile:

Efficient and effective, these two
words apply to our advice as well as,

For current taxonomic and legal
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