Several taxes will be levied upon you and your company each year. Some taxes
you may not even notice!

Fair? A question that sometimes is hard to answer.

What taxes are you liable for and how much tax will it cost you?
According to our own experience and also independent surveys it has become clear that authorities  wrongly estimate the amount of tax due  and frequently the estimates are  too high.
If you are subject to taxes  in more than one country the risk of double taxation is very high.

The thousands and thousands of pages that cover taxes easily make you feel  as if you are snowbound. You want to know your position, but how? Our multiple years of experience not only  enable us to determine your position efficiently but also prevent  you  from paying too much.
Not too much to the IRS and not too much for our advice!! Perhaps you do not only need advice, but also want to outsource tax, legal or administrative work, or you wish to hire in a temporary specialist ?
Tax us!

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