The Taxus Advies Groep consists of four disciplines:

  • Taxus Strategy and Structuring supports entrepreneurs developing
    and implementing market decisions,  communication strategies and
    organizational and legal forms of enterprise/or company structuring;

  • Taxus Fiscal advises in all areas of governmental  taxes and can provide
    fiscal guidance of  your acquisitions or divestures. Taxus Fiscal can also
    meet your companies demands for temporary tax managers. Our
    field is not limited to (Corporate-) Income Tax, VAT and payroll tax.
    We also cover RETT, environmental taxes such as energy sales tax,
    and gift and inheritance tax;

  • Taxus Local Taxes advises on municipal, regional and other local
    taxes as well as so called ‘WOZ’ valuation. Cases in the field of
    these ‘WOZ’ valuations, but also questions targeting the legal
    aspects of property tax, tourist tax, advertising tax, commuter
    tax, and other local taxes, are the working field of our consultants.
    They know if and how much local tax can be levied.

  • Taxus Legal Proceedings  can file an appeal on your behalf on all governmental or local tax issues in court,  court of appeal or supreme court.
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